Walking In Circles

A Wake-Up Call To Focus On The World Of Caged Hens

This beautiful and sad song about caged hens, with lyrics by Philip Lee-Woolf, and vocals by carpenter, Dominic Edmunds, tells the story of the hellish life of a battery hen. Every year more than 20 million normal healthy chickens in the UK are sentenced to lifelong imprisonment, crammed into a tiny cage with no room to move and express their natural behavior. This obscene market is driven by customer demand for cheap eggs, and some of the big supermarkets, who promote cheap food, regardless of the feelings and well being of the animals which are being exploited.

Although battery cages were banned in the EU in 2012, the so called, ‘enriched cages’ are still allowed in the EU. These animal prisons allow each hen a little more space than a piece of A4 paper, while the 95% of layers in the US are still legally kept in even smaller cages, which allow no room for normal movement. Amazingly, some leading egg producers, packers, and captains of the British eggs industry, still argue that hens are happy and healthier, kept in these conditions!

Do your bit – keep your own hens, buy Free Range Eggs, or support Farmers Markets, to help kill this this loathsome trade.

Buy purchasing the song, and sharing it with your friends, you’ll help to make more people look at how chickens are exploited through intensive farming, and encourage them to always go for free range eggs.

For more information on how to help reduce cruelty in intensively kept farm animals in the UK and across the world, go to Compassion in World Farming