• A grown hen will drink 250- 300ml of water per day, depending on temperature and whether or not the bird is in lay. She will soon become dehydrated if the water supply is restricted.
  • Water should be available at all times
  • Allow at least treble the daily requirement when choosing a drinker, to avoid the possibility of the water supply running dry.
  • A 5 litre tube drinker (hanging or floor standing), metal or plastic, is suitable for up to five hens.
  • Place on a stand or bricks to raise the drinker from the ground to avoid contamination.
  • Allow 1 cm drinking space per hen with a circular drinker
  • Hanging drinkers should be raised to the level of the hens back, allowing them to pass beneath without spillage.
  • Place the drinker outside, but close to the house. Don’t keep water in the house.
  • If possible, protect from wild birds by placing water within a covered run.

Do not

  • Provide water in an open trough or dish.
  • Allow drinker to become dry (more that 30 minutes without water will cause stress, and may trigger disease)
  • Please a poultry drinker near to a wild bird table

Protection of feeders and drinkers from wild birds, should be a first priority, as a precaution against disease and in particular, Avian Influenza.