The Feeder



  • A grown hen will eat 120g-140g per day. A 7 kg feeder is suitable for up to 10 hens.
  • Allow at least 4 cm or circular feeding space for each bird
  • Feed should be available at all times in a tube feeder (either hanging or floor standing), placed outside the house to discourage the hens from spending too much time in the house.
  • Feeders are available in galvanized steel, or plastic.
  • Protect the feeder from the rain and wild birds, with the use of a top-hat, or placing in a covered run.
  • Feed ‘plain’ growers pellets for pullets below 20 weeks of age.
  • Layers pellets are introduced at 20 weeks.
  • Pellets are more practical and less wasteful than mash for free range birds.
  • Legbars of Broadway pullets are vaccinated with Paracox 8, against Coccidiosis, therefore use an ACS free growers pellet. (anti-coccidiostats will cancel out the vaccination)
  • A handful of mixed corn can be introduced at 13 weeks