AviVit Pure, Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth

Our finest grade Pure Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth (DE)  is a natural, effective, and safe treatment for the control of red mite and other pests in all poultry. We advise using the Matabi Polminor Bellows duster (available here in the shop), or similar dust applicator. Our Diatomaceous Earth consists of the fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by Diatoms, and if free from clay dust and other unwanted sediment, often found in budget brands. Clay dust and sediment reduces the efficacy of the product. DE is used successfully in, commercial and garden /back yard poultry housing and buildings.

How to use Diatomaceous Earth

For maximum efficacy, pure AviVit Diatomaceous Earth should be applied with a powder applicator, or bellows, because the powder has to cover every square millimeter of surface area within the hen house including, underneath the floor, nest box, eaves and perches. Wherever the mites walk, they must come into contact with the DE. The Matabi Polminor Bellows are available in our shop, for this purpose.

It is not sufficient to simply sprinkle the DE over the floor of the house and nest box.

What is Poultry Red Mite

Poultry red mite (Dermanyssus Gallinae), also known as the Fowl Red Mite, is considered the most harmful of all ectoparasites for laying hens. The title “Red” has been given to this mite as it turns from grey to red or dark red after being engorged with blood. The sucked blood is required for further development from a nymph into an adult and later for reproduction. 
Red mites are nocturnal parasites which suck the birds’ blood during periods of darkness and hide in cracks and crevices during the daytime. This behaviour makes the treatment of red mites harder and more complicated than other mite species like the northern fowl mite (Ornithonyssus sylviarum). Unlike the red mite, the northern fowl mite spends its entire life attached to its host. Therefore, treatment for Northern Fowl mite should only be applied directly on the birds.

Consequences of red mite infestation

Poultry red mite
  • Restlessness and stress in the flock (especially during the night and in the nest)
  • Skin irritation, reduced plumage quality, dermatitis
  • Feather-pecking, cannibalism
  • Weight loss, anaemia (pale wattles and combs as an indicator)
  • Poor feed conversion
  • Drop in egg production
  • Increase of second-grade eggs
  • More susceptibility to poultry diseases
  • Transmission of poultry diseases and zoonosis (Salmonella, ND,
  • Pasteurella, E. Coli etc.)
  • Mortality in cases of extreme infestations

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