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Our lovely Snowbars are on promotion this month at £25 each, to introduce them to a wider selection of customers    

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PRICE   per bird at 12-15 weeks (minimum order value £90)

Please note – for welfare reasons, we do not sell single birds of one breed

Minimum order – 2 birds

Burford Browns  2-3 birds – £48 each
Cotswold Legbars  2-9 birds – £48 each (no discounts)
Snowbars 2-3+ birds   – £30 each (October promotion)

4+ birds   –  £25 each

Discount Birds  £25 each (subject to availability)
on above prices (not including Cotswold Legbars)
4-9    Birds £ 3 off above prices      £45 
10-25 Birds £ 8 off above prices       £40
All orders are subject to availability at the time of delivery, and the customer’s agreement to our Guarantee Terms.

The price includes a specially designed well ventilated, strong cardboard, stackable, transport box for two birds (300 x 300 x 500 mm).

Please Note – We continually work hard to maintain and improve the quality of our breeding stock, in order to produce pullets to a high standard, which we are happy to guarantee. To protect our high standards, and the brand names, we do not sell cockerels or hatching eggs. Burford Browns, Cotswold Legbars, and Snowbars, are only available through this web site.


Available for certain areas – £65 (up to 20 birds). Please ask if your postcode is covered.

We normally supply pullets at 12-14 week of age. Single breed flocks are usually more successful, but some customers prefer a mixture of Burfords, Legbars, and Snowbars, for different coloured eggs. We don’t supply single birds of one breed, because hens need the companionship of their own kind to flourish and reach full potential.


Our home-bred hens are Guaranteed, and customers have the advantage of pre-sale and after-sale support and advice. Our aim is to breed robust & vigorous hens which will give our customers lots of pleasure & a plentiful supply of wonderful eggs. All birds are sold subject to the terms of our Guarantee.


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Please note that we rear the different breeds separately to give them the best chance of normal development, so we cannot always offer mixed breeds of the same age, at any one time. Growers are purchased at different ages, must be kept separate until mature.

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All birds are Guaranteed for 3 months subject to our feeding & management terms. We encourage customers to use our on-going support to maintain continuity for the birds.

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