High Spec professional qrade poultry vitamin & mineral supplements for domestic & commercial poultry

Vitamins are a group of organic compounds that poultry require in small quantities. Despite the low requirement levels, vitamins are essential for normal body functions, growth, and reproduction. A deficiency of one or more vitamins can lead to a number of diseases or syndromes.

Vitamin deficiencies can be due to a variety of reasons, including, inadvertent omission of a vitamin pre-mix from a bird’s diet, or vitamin destruction in feed due to storage time, humidity, or temperature. Feed supplied in plastic bags can suffer condensation problems if exposed to the sun or high temperatures.

Most poultry feed is sold with a three month ‘use by’ date on the ingredients label. The date should be checked before purchase, as some vitamins start to degrade a few weeks after manufacture.

Deficiencies don’t show immediately, but problems with the B vitamins appear first, whereas, deficiencies with fat soluble vitamins that are stored in the body, take longer to affect the bird.

The AviVit range are competitively priced products used by professional keepers and breeders. When making comparisons with other products, check the ingredients, and the level of concentration.

For extra special eggs, with deep orange yolks, and a wonderful texture, then AviVit ‘Sundrench‘ is the answer.

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