Rare Breed Brakel


Bright and alert

Bright and alert

Rare Breed Brakels, or Braekels, are a farmyard breed, originating from the neighborhood of Nederbraekel in Flanders, and are one of Europe’s oldest breeds, dating back to the 1400’s, possibly arriving in Western Europe via Turkey They are sometimes referred to as ‘The Everyday Layer’, ‘The Grey White Neck’, or ‘The Nuns Hen’. The first imports to Britain were in 1898, but since the second World War, the numbers have declined, hence their rare breed status today.


The Brakel is a vigorous, bright eyed, alert and hardy hen, with distinctive white ear lobes, leaden blue feet and legs, and striking, bright plumage, with a long, well spread tail. The single, heavily pigmented comb falls gracefully over one side of the face. An unusual characteristic of this breed is the dark pigmentation in the head, and the eyes are very dark brown, almost black, with melanistic rims. She has a keen interest in her human keepers, and becomes very tame, which consequently makes her a perfect addition to any garden.

Plumage Colours


The Silver is noted for the stunning beetle green black barring, which is twice the width of the white ground colour. The head and neck hackles are pure white


The Gold is similar to the Silver, with barring on the back and body, but with rich golden bay as the ground colour.

Pale Gold

Similar to the Gold, but with yellow gold hackles rather than reddish gold.

The Egg

Our Brakels lay a delicious, medium sized, pure white egg, with a dense texture and hard shell – and in good free range conditions, will lay up to 210 per year, weighing around 65g. by mid-lay. An advantage of the Brakel is that she rarely goes broody.

White eggs are said to be better than others, for baking, and have become much more popular in recent years.

Not surprising, they are favoured by TV chef, Delia Smith.


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