AviVit Sundrench ® for rich orange yolks

For fabulous eggs with rich orange yolks, plus enhanced laying performance in all hens

For fabulous yolks


Everybody loves the perfect egg, with a rich orange yolk, and perfect texture

Are your hens short of fresh grass and green food, or do you have to keep them inside for any reason. Perhaps you simply want to help them lay the most amazing eggs with a rich orange yolk ?

With warmer wetter winters, and higher summer temperatures, there’s often not enough fresh grass available, and its not always possible to supply the hens with kale or cabbage, which impacts on the quality of the eggs, and the general health of your hens.

‘Sundrench’ is easy to administer, and your hens will like it too. Simply dampen with water to avoid wastage, and mix with the daily feed. Make sure everybody gets some. Then just wait for the results, in less than a couple of weeks.

AviVit ‘Sundrench’ may be the answer !

  • Produces a rich orange yolk
  • Improves laying performance
  • Raises the Haugh Unit, improving the internal texture
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Improves egg quality
  • Improves general health of your hens

eggs to die for

Available in four sizes:

  • Standard                  1 Litre
  • Large                    2.5 Litres
  • Extra Large              5 Litre
  • Commercial Size   10 Litre

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